Upcycling as a symbol of rebirth

We all yearn for change but many believe this change is impossible. Many believe their lives are forever going to be scarred by the memories of their past mistakes. Many don’t consider themselves worthy of love, respect or kindness because of their past flaws. But my message today, using the symbol of upcycling is that; […]

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An Essay on black abstractionism

Peace, calm, focus, minimalism are the words that come to me when I first think about these works. It’s about decluttering the past, moving away from the many options of color, forms and sticking with one. It’s a representation of our blackness in abstract forms. It’s a representation of our story, our journey also symbolized by the use of upcycled rubber tire tubes signifying migration; interwoven tires signifying our interconnected journeys and stories, aligning no matter where we find ourselves.

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